Power of Ramdoot: Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra Lyrics in English

Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra Lyrics in English

Do you want to read Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra in English? If your answer is yes then this post is only for you.

Bhimrupi Maharudra Maruti is a powerful Stotra dedicated to Lord Hanuman, also known as Maruti, in Hinduism. 

This stotra is a potent combination of spirituality and devotion, with a strong emphasis on the mighty form and abilities of Lord Hanuman.

The name Bhimrupi Maharudra Maruti is made up of three key parts. Bhimrupi refers to the colossal or mighty form, Maharudra symbolizes the great fierce one, 

an epithet often used for Lord Shiva but here, indicative of Hanuman's strength and "Maruti Stotra" is a prayer to Maruti.

Bhimrupi Maharudra Maruti Stotra was composed by Swami Samarth Ramdas.

 Swami Samarth Ramdas is the one who plays an important role in preaching the Hindu religion.

During the research, we saw that the devotees of Hanuman ji are also looking for an offline facility to read the Stotra. 

To overcome this problem, we have provided the service of stotra in PDF form. Now without any delay let us start the journey of reading the Stotra.

Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra Lyrics in English 

|| Bhimroopi maharudra Stotra ||

Bhimroopi maharudra, Vajrahanuman maruti |

Vanari anjanisoota, ramdoota prabhanjana || 1 ||

Mahabali pranadata, sakala uthavi bale |

Saukhakari dukhahari, dhoort vaishnav gayka || 2 ||

Dinanatha hareeroopa, sundara jagadantara |

Patal devatahanta, bhavyasindurlepana || 3 ||

Lokanatha Jagannatha, prananatha puratana |

Punyavanta punyashila, pavna paritoshka || 4 ||

Dhwange uchali baho, aaveshe lotala pudhen |

Kalagnee, kalrudragnee, dekhta kampati bhaye || 5 ||

Brahmande maieli neon, aamvale dantpamgati |

Netragnee chaleelya jwala, bhrukuti tatheelya bale || 6 ||

Puchchha te murdile matha, keeriti kundale bari |

Suvarna katee kasoti, ghanta kimkini nagara || 7 ||

Thakare parvata aiesa, netka sadpatalu |

Chaplang pahta mothe, mahaveedyullatepari || 8 ||

Koteechya kotee uddane, zepave uttarekade |

Mandradri sareekha dronoo, krodhe utpateela bale || 9 ||

Aaneela maguti nela, Aala gela manogati |

Manasi takeele maage, gatisi tulna nase || 10 ||

Anupasonee brahmanda aevadha hot jatse |

Tayasi tulna kothe, meru mandar dhakute || 11 ||

Brahmandabhovate vedhe, vajrapuchchhe karu shake |

Tayasi tulna kaichi, brahmandi pahata nase || 12 ||

Aarakta dekheele dola, graseele suryamandala |

Vadhata vadhata vadhe, bhedeele shunyamandala || 13 ||

Dhandhanya pashuvrudhdhee, putrapautra samgrahi |

Pavti roopveedyadee, stotrapathe karooneeya || 14 ||

Bhootpreta samandhadee, rogvyadhee samasthi |

Nasti tutati cheenta, aanande bhimdarshane || 15 ||

He dhara pandhara shloki, labhali shobhali bari |

Dradh deho neesandeho, sankhya chandrakala gunen || 16 ||

Ramdasi agraganyu, kapeekulasee mandanoo |

Ramroopi antaratma, darshane dosh nasati || 17 ||

  || Sri Marutistotram Sampoornam ||

Auspicious Time and Rules to Read Maharudra Stotra

The best time to recite Maharudra Stotra is during Brahma Muhurta, which is about 1.5 hours before sunrise.

This time is considered highly auspicious and is believed to enhance the positive effects of prayer and meditation.

Additionally, it can be read at any time of the day with a calm and still mind.

Here are some rules that are very important to follow:

  1. Before reciting the stotra, ensure that you have bathed and are in clean clothes. 
  2. The place where the stotra is to be recited should also be clean and serene.
  3. Keep your thoughts focused on Lord Hanuman and the meaning of the stotra.
  4. Sit facing the east or north direction while reciting the stotra.
  5. Make it a habit to recite the stotra daily. 

How to Read Bhimrupi Mahabali Maharudra Stotra ?

  1. First of all take a bath with fresh water and wear clean clothes.
  2. Clean the place of worship.
  3. Arrange flowers and light a lamp in front of Lord Maruti's form.
  4. Pay attention to Lord Hanuman and the importance of the Stotra.
  5. As you start reading the psalm, make sure you pronounce the words correctly.
  6. While reading the psalm, try to understand its meaning.
  7. After reading the Stotra completely, offer prasad to God and distribute it around.

Benefits of Shri Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra in English

Shri Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra, composed by Swami Samarth Ramdas, serves as a beacon that provides numerous benefits to those who recite it diligently and faithfully.
  • This powerful stotra helps individuals grow spiritually, as it invokes the divine energy of Lord Hanuman.
  • Courage is born to face the challenges in life.
  • providing mental peace and reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It is believed that the recitation of this stotra shields the devotee from negative energies and harmful influences.
  • Lord Hanuman blesses those who recite this stotra with success in their endeavors and prosperity in life.

Watch Shri Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra in Video Format

Traditional texts including Hindu prayers and hymns are now accessible in a variety of formats, allowing us to engage with them to suit our lifestyles. 

One such way is through video content. Reading Shri Bhimarupi Maharudra Stotra in video format provides a unique, 

Immersive experience that helps you on your journey towards God.

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Download PDF of Mahabali Maharudra Stotra

The downloadable PDF version of Mahabali Maharudra Stotra gives you the freedom to connect with God at your convenience.

Whether you are traveling, have some free time at work etc., a PDF version ensures that you can connect with the hymns anytime, anywhere.

Keeping your service in mind, PDF service has been provided which you can read as per your need.

Click on the download button to save the PDF to your device.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:- 1 Who composed the Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra? 
Ans :- This powerful stotra was composed by Swami Samarth Ramdas, a renowned 17th-century saint from Maharashtra, India.

Q:- 2 What is the significance of Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra? 
Ans :- The Bhimrupi Maharudra Stotra is a hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman,

symbolizing his immense strength, courage, and devotion.

It is believed to provide courage, protection, and success to those who recite it.

Q:- 3 How often should the stotra be recited?
Ans :- Ideally, the stotra should be recited daily for maximum benefits. However, even occasional recitation with sincere devotion is beneficial.

Q:- 4 What is the best time to recite the stotra?
The most auspicious time is during the Brahma Muhurta, about 1.5 hours before sunrise. 

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